Dena doster chest

Poyser; theres Mester Holdsworth has more land nor anybody else chest th estate. Well, said Mr. Poyser, suppose we say the man wi the foulest land dena doster sit at top; then whoever gets th honour, therell be no envying on him. Chest, heres Mester Massey, said Mr. Craig, who, being dena doster chest neutral in the dispute, had no interest but in conciliation; the schoolmaster ought to be able to tell you whats right. Whos to sit at top o the table, Mr. Massey. Why, the broadest man, said Bartle; and then he wont take up other folks room; and the next broadest must dena doster at bottom. This happy mode of settling the dispute produced much laughter-a smaller joke would have sufficed for that Mr. Casson, however, did not feel it compatible with his dignity and superior knowledge to join in the laugh, until it turned out that he was fixed on as the second broadest man. read more
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